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Saturday, March 22, 2014

lasser faire

she captured me with eyes
of cerulean hue
a smile that would inspire
dolphins to dance above
the ceiling of the sea
her silken bronze
and golden hair made
even the sun stare
but it was the lecher fairness
of her skin that my desire
had spun a web

some still speak about the
treachery of my lust for her
and how it went beyond the pale
but knowing of life’s short
temporal stay I gathered little notice
to what others say
and so I’d call her name in my
most seductive tone which she’d
then respond in a soft lascivious moan

we played and kissed
underneath the grand old oak
rolled about like bunnies hop
making love under the lantern
of the night while cicadas chirped
and nocturnal eyes would
hoot and wink unabashedly
as our primal loins ruled
and our naked toes entwined