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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

wayward bliss

in the still of the night
when silence is captive
(cuando silencio es prisionero)
sleep is sprinkled upon
the day walkers and the
nocturnal souls awaken

words still resound and
hover about unyielding to
the calm of when all
is well in the heart and the
(todo bien esta en el coracon)
mind ceases and desists from
the days unrest

trying to reflect upon
the love that once filled
all caverns of my heart
when my tears were of joy
(cuando a llorar alegra era)
not those that come of
when love walks away

your touch of me is no more
I so miss the warmth of
our embrace when for no reason
it would follow from our smiles
and our wordless stares deep
into each others eyes
(metido en cada unos ojos)

now words are being used to strip
the shield of our hearts care
like daggers they’re flung
carelessly piercing and shattering
leaving in despair a once
fairytale fair

you tell me I’m selfish when now
I ask to hold your hand, to embrace me
(Te pregunto, dame la mano abrazar)
so that once again I can feel
our warmth, kiss with that gentle bliss
and maybe remember what has
now come to be remiss

I ask…do you still love me or have you
(pregunto…todavia me amas o encuentraste otro)
found another…only because when days
go by and by and by without your once
loving stare I'd try to entice
with my smile that once could
captivate your woman wiles

now you look away and for
too many quiet moments without
those words of which even before
I’d have to ask of you to share,  
to say…I love you darling…
(a decir…te amo mi amor)
guess I am selfish in that way

I am a walker in the day
yet my eyes no longer rest
(mis ojos a descansar no esperan)
at night for my dreams have
been replaced by what must be
the nocturnal reveries of the
wise old but selfish owl