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Saturday, March 29, 2014

dedication: MH370

what thoughts had come
to those whose souls now
float above the oceans floor
while falling, falling
they call out to their love ones>>>

~forgive me for what I did not say
what I meant to on another day
in my mind my heart I wish for
you to know how long I loved thee for~

~when you walk about the lily patch
remember I walk there with you
or when you till the soil in Spring
I’ll hold your hand to pat the dirt
upon the seed bud of the thyme~

~and to our children when they play
in the swing, the slide, running the bases
when they swim or fly the kite
let them know that I cheer for them
and embrace them in their joy
kiss their scrapes on their elbow
or their knee
if they need me, so~

~and all who’ll cry for me
save your tears, count them
that’s how often every day
I wish for you to say, I love you,
to your father to your mother
your sister and your brother
anyone who has touched your heart
let them know before you part~