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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

my Abril

Abril, the month when my heart
started beating where I inhaled
the breath of this World
giving me a gift called life

conceived in a warm Mexican
month probably in August
near a playa where a gothic
cathedral’s steeple blocks the
silhouette of mountain tops

my journey in this path
has brought me to this moment
dressed in the garb the seasons,
the years have cloaked me in

the suns have darken my skin
moons have glistened my eyes
what my hands have held
arms have embraced and
my lips have kissed is who
I am today

my eyes have seen the sweetness
of Spring and shed tears in the dark
and cold not just of Mother Nature’s
bold portentous moods but of Man’s
fickle hearts and souls  

here today my birthday month of Abril
the smile of Spring appears
and its showers of joyous tears
behold the warmth of my heart
I give to you today, my love,
in the longevity of my years