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Saturday, April 5, 2014

life's reflection

there’s love inside these eyes
they look and observe without judgment
a smile evinces when they squint
forces my mouth to reflect the same

deep Inside these eyes there’s a soul that’s
howling like a wolf saying goodnight
like a dolphin soaring over its abode
slaying the waves waving at the moon

a wrinkle has appeared where before
it wasn’t, right at the edges of my eyes
it appears showing that smile of earlier
whilst observing two lovers stroll the beach

my nose flares usually from disdain
when children cry alone for no one else
is home and the cupboards they are bare
and too many just don’t care

grey hair, now, have taken the place
where once  midnight black that in the sun
would sheen with reddish tint
along with youthful muscles taught
before the curse of age came so wrought

in this reflection deep inside these
soulful eyes there’s love wishing to be
shared with all that lives inside this
mirror even though it is said…
‘love tethers one to this world’
then let it be so because this is
all this reflection knows