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Saturday, April 12, 2014

a spring day

the long enduring winters breath
has traveled on and left
now arriving from its nesting sleep
the dress of spring in an aromatic vest

the blood of life now scurries about
with vibrancy like white cap streams
flowing o’er the nascent seedlings
that survived the cold of winter
and the hibernating fauna have
awaken from their sleep

the sky has stripped away its grey
now parades in its naked powder blue
and a large gold shining pendant hangs
prominently from a cotton spool 

in the spirit of lady spring
the hardy souls now dance
leaving behind the sullen drab
the gluttony drink and food
the excesses that come from the
discomfort of dwelling winter blues

grasp gently the tiny hands of
our children hold them closely by
our sides walk them in the daylight
underneath the moon and stars
speak to them of the cacophony in  
life’s journey both of its serendipitous
wonders and the ravages of its storms

today, though, I’d like to see a smile
a spring of step from elder lovers
watch canoes round the rivers bend
as wisteria aligns its banks
along with hyacinth and redolent flowers

in the dusk when the day is done
and the sun waves its good byes
i’ll raise my hands in praise of
life’s spirit in thanks for the joy
we shared on this spring day