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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

hummingbird, a no show

the hummingbird today did not show
its wings too cold to flap in their flurry
the honey or sugar water too frozen
to sip through their tiny straw

robins were late to their morning feeders
cardinals, sparrows and blue jays
didn’t awaken in their symphony
the wind was too chilly on their throats

crabapple buds on the tips of limbs
were veiled in white from a sprinkle of snow
that should in April be ready to sprout
as the salmon in rivers be ready to spawn

although in winter the sky turns to grey
this morning’s spattering of white clouds are on
display as shards of sun rays pierce through
showing beginnings of the Spring’s rainbow hue

my spirit is slightly disheartened
by the tease of the cold and snow
yet I knew that soon in the day
this Nature’s discomfit will go away
and the crimson and green will
once again come out and play

when this be so, smiles will reappear
water fountain basins will be uncovered
robins and sparrows will come and bathe
and nearby the feeders of sugar water
will be visited by red throated humming birds
their gossamer wings will flit about
in that  familiar buzzing sound

*just wanted to write a small diddy for all
  the disheartened souls waiting for that Spring day