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Monday, March 17, 2014

spirit of a stroll

hey my beautiful friend
let us hold each others hand
and walk softly whispering into each
others  ear the memories that for
each of us were so very near

let’s share the reveries
where verdant pastures roll
in back woods where we stroll
taking off our shoes to let
the grass and wheat fields tickle
between our toes

and when there’s no more to say
lets coddle in the silence that is
ours alone as we look up
at the faces of powder white
following us throughout the day
until they give to us the night
we are so well aware our worlds
could someday separate on paths
taking one to meet the universal
spirit while the other walks along
this pathway for a little longer stay

we also know that in the realm
of everything we shall one day meet
again and we may not have hands to hold
but together our common souls shall stroll