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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

simply said

many try to weave a web
like a maze where one may
or may not find the way

I sew with simple lines
of thread to sew, to stitch
a tattered hem

my words are simple
they no longer wish
to fog in metaphoric mist

they speak of what and how
my mind has witnessed and
feels my normal hearts beat bliss

when once I too had painted
with many amalgam hue
now I only paint with yellow, green,
red and blue

lead grey and blue ink still stain
my fingers with the simple breath
of life I witness during day light and
the wondrous dreams of night

of the pain in sorrow and the
joy of laugh the tears of anguish
and a smile of pure delight

when all is said and done
writ sewn with a simple thread
is all that’s needed
in repairing the frayed hem  

it is not with sparkle or
a maze of words that will
tell the tale of where I’ve been
and who I am

a short written line and paragraph
shall entail much of what my eyes
have seen how my heart feels
in my simple way of being