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Friday, February 4, 2011

What is Providence

Will we be saved
Will someone come down from Heaven’s sake
Tell us how we’ve had our chance
and all our time in history here
we’ve only made life disappear

The gift we were given
we devalued
Showed no real effort
toward correcting our hate
We gathered opposing voices
making them our enemies
We learned to kill
from a book we interpret literally
in Adam and Eve
and Cain and Abel
accepting these words as Providence

We’ve not learned to Love
and have made the choice to kill
We’ve not learned
that the world is not all about 'me'
but about escaping the self
onto the understanding
that we are but a part of all
and when we destroy any part of life
we are killing ourselves.

Is there any entity somewhere
that witnesses the jeopardy of our demise
and has the power to intervene,
saving us from ourselves,
enlightening us to what is wise