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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Intimate Cycle

Can Love survive
Can Love sustain
Without intimacy
Is it all
It’s ‘cracked’ up to be?

If memories still, freshly, exist
of the spontaneous kiss
the stray and erotic touch
the seductive, ‘Hello”

Now we fall asleep
in separate rooms
the space between us
is no longer an obstacle
like it was when youthful intimacy
consumed our loins

The queries now persist;
‘Have my looks faded,
my attractiveness lost‘?
‘ Do you still love me?’
‘ Of course I do,
Don’t be silly’
‘Was it something I said
or was it something I did?’

A daunting winter is measured
The haunting of intimacy, desire, lost
One by the abundance of snow gathered
The other by the chill of the ice formed

Nature we Love
for the seasonal changes
and cycle it tolls
Agape, the third book
in the trilogy of life
abandons personal intimacy,
will our Love die by this
or like Nature,
will it re-grow?