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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chair on my Patio

Used to think life as a constant
but now days go by so quickly
moments pass by at an instant
sometimes I forget to breathe

A chair sits on life’s patio
I sit and watch the passers by
Some will stop for a short stay
share their tunes as if on a radio

There are those whose hand I hold
their fingers intertwine into mine
cause a rythm change in my heart beat
and the promise of forever, I am told

Reality comes along sits next to me
shares some anecdotal fun
some of joys and pleasures
like the rise of a morning sun
letting the starry night go free

Yet, come a stormy day
leaving destruction in it’s way
Helping pick up after it,
is life’s mandate, is it’s writ

And as I witness life, now, many years
many more behind than those before me
putting ‘life’ in a perspective
enjoy the laughter and deal with the tears

If there’d be wisdom
Reality has shared,
In life, the only constant
is ‘change’ with whom it’s paired