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Friday, December 2, 2016

solemn of today

my eyes open this morning,
breathing hastens with desire
and my heart heaving at a pace
only my soul can understand
of this embrace i will have today
for tomorrow may not come my way

tell me, you, who also awakens
with such love for this day in
the same way, of common desire,
to reach for another open hand
that perpetuates with risk what
is good, amidst an insidious hate

i witness the smile of a sunflower
this morning when walking between the 
pines where acorns and cones have fallen,
fodder for the chipmunk and squirrel whilst
their world also enters with the sun as
the breath of wind attends to their being

soon the barren limbs of trees shall
be wrapped in a white linen of Winter
and the blades of grass will be crisp
with the cold, the light of day will yield
to a veil of gray and the night shall glisten
with a shimmy and glittering of lights

solemnity abounds underneath the Moon
and stars where once the cricket and owl
could soothe one to dream, now the wolf’s
howls are mourns with trepidation for
 the river, the tree, the fish in the sea,
the Eagle’s eyes welled with tears for
all the likes of you and me