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Friday, December 16, 2016

set Anne Frank free

there’s a demon that has robbed our souls
he wears a mask and a self-made crown 
spewing his flames through his mouth and nose
and we the victims are but cartoons in media
as we smolder in charred black and smoke

how did we close our eyes and let him in
to pull us down into this abyss where there’s
swirls of fire and pain as we stood holding
hands in complacent and comfortable bliss?

a garden we once had sowed where the daffodil
and sunflower ‘growed’, the rose and the tulip
sharing the soil in the rain, the sun breathing
in the wind and they dance under the moon of 
night and starlight in different colors of attire is
discerned, only, in the gatherings by daylight  

too many souls have now taken to hiding and
writing their notes, like a million Ann Franks,
in their attics quietly under candle-light and
their scripts read of anguish and angst knowing
in their heart, if they cease from watering the lily, 
the rose, the daisy and tulips, the garden 
will be no more

shall we take shelter from this dark cloud rolling
in with this masked demon at the helm or shall we
fill our water jug and quench the thirst of the tulip,
the lily and daffodil, re-till the soil with seeds and  
saplings so that they may grow setting free the
Ann Franks of the world and their souls