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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

be kind, be life

the vestibule of life is the forest
there, all things roam freely
without the mire of human unkindness
or his hate-filled destructive manner

in the ocean life resists the prejudice
of judgment or segregation of kind
swims about in joy not noticing tumult
of tsunami waves or storms, above

the sky embraces the light of day
and darkness of the night is the
cover of sleep, to rest and conjure
the dream of calm and peace

when we lay our heads upon the hem
of Nature’s dress we give a moment
of 'relax' to the Earth’s unrest from a
clenched fist of an evil ‘man’, a life’s test

let’s embrace the forest, the ocean
and the sky for our souls to reap the
goodness of life, without disdain
let the deer run free, let the wolf howl,
let the dolphin swim, let the eagle soar