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Sunday, November 20, 2016

life for her and me

little white flakes have arrived
in a fury with a restless wind,
a Winter’s day of bluster, t’was
green and warm just yesterday

it came so quickly with such cold
of hand in an unwelcoming pace
with a frigid grip on my heart, my soul,
a sadden gray upon my face

i sit here in my quiet cove listening
to the howl outside my window pane
as it bends the tree with an ominous
slurry of an angry wind and icy rain

my heart is broken, a subtle anguish
engulfs my every pore and my lungs labor
to breathe as my soul threatens of its
departure, a loneliness battles within

the nature of my being is in tumult
knowing my ‘love’ is being challenged
not by the frigid Winter’s touch but
by a more insidious vermin in her blood

if i could lay my hand upon her breast
and take away the pangs of distress
i would gladly wear the thorns of her pain
so that her smile will be welcome
come the next Spring rain

oh spirit of the Universe, let this be so
and i will praise you loudly everywhere
i go, every step i take, every waking
moment with an ‘alleluia’ and dance on
Nature’s dress for all to see, all to know