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Monday, November 14, 2016

intertwining hearts and souls

‘las estrellas’, above my reach,
traverse the expanse of sky
as i lie here with incessant tears flowing
from my eyes, a darkness wanting
to take away our vibrancy of life

i lament, the heart, not of mine
but of hers, whose rhythm is restless
amidst a rose and orange sun whilst
resting upon a calming sea
the dusk now gives way, settling
afar, into the twilight of the night
as it waves adieu in a somber silence,
to sadden news and an unforgiving day

she’s always maintained a stoic strength
not unlike ten well-disciplined equine 
riding up mountainous trails as she now
walks with a backpack strapped, burden filled

in this journey is an added laden of uncertainty
she now bears upon her shoulders of an angst,
a cancerous growth, that has reared with contempt
in her blood and decries the very health of her soul

we will lean upon each other in this journey on,
despite this added weight, as we walk through life’s
path of jagged thorns, shards of shattered glass,
shall climb over the challenging large stones

love is; the tempered steel of the blade that
carved our walking stick, the leather of our soles
on our mountain shoes, the life cells of our two
hearts, the fabric of our intertwining souls