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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


a Flower blooms in Spring,
the Sun’s fingers tickle its petals
and the rain drops bathe it
as the Stars and Moon care for
it in the quiet of Night

its calm and brilliance draw other Flora
to gather around it, brushing up against it
as breezes blow, nudging them to coddle
so the Autumn storm cannot besiege it 
with a jealousy and envy for its ebullience,
as Fall and Winter bring virulence and fear

when the Day awakens changing from its
night’s attire, there’s fauna child like play
in and out of Trees and Turtle Doves coo in an
orange and yellow Morning hue casting a
sprinkle of gold, the glistening beads of dew
resting on its petals, on leaves of her Friends, too

oh Flower,  t’is  true, when my eyes capture
the colors of your dress, it puts a smile upon my
face in spite the storm that tried to furl your leaves,
tried to scare me too, but being here amidst your
friends assuage the angst, mitigates the pain
in my Heart, my Soul, when i sit here next to You