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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Love is;

when my eyelids open and the world
appears to have remained within my embrace,

when my breath unveils a gasp of freshness
inhaling the verve of a new day,

when my ears can hear the joyous sounds
of songbirds just outside the window pane,

when the whistling of the wind calls the
voices of the trees swaying to and fro,

when i rise and my legs can move to walk
and my arms can swing, hands can grasp,

when the waft of lilac entices while a warmth
of shelter encases my mind, my body, my soul,

when i look around and see my little girls
of canine descent curled in their space, their abode,

when i see the joy of my heart laying next to me,
the light of my soul whose spirit is one with mine,

when we've walked through life’s travails gently
holding each other’s hand through loss of love ones
and knowing that love, our love, prevails