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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

shelter in Love's abode

Love keeps me resilient and strong
and my partner, my friend has been
the conduit of love within, so i
wish never, of her hand, to let go

like perennials, dandelions, daisies, we
awaken by the fingers touch of the Sun,
the breath of the wind, the gentle tapping,
soothing of raindrops, resplendence to the land

when the day comforts after a restful sleep,
a calm embraces the heart and the universe
shares our smile when all is well
...our souls to keep

but recently a gray cloud has hovered
over us, my love and me, descending onto
moments of solemnity, rearranging the rhythm
of our spirits from that comforted place
into a disarray, a disheveled attire, a sad face

Sun’s gentle warmth now beats in a scorch
the gentle fingers of the wind now swirl about
pulling petals off, tearing leaves from their stem 
and the drizzle of rain now falls in torrents,
our resilience and strength is tested by that
ominous cloud woefully hovering 

but our hands hold tight day and night
weathering the gray and stormy skies
though trickling teardrops come like a
waterfall display as our intertwined hearts 
take shelter in Love’s abode and our souls
shall together journey, forever, into the ‘light’  

*we were recently diagnosed with the ugly ‘C’ . in two weeks will go under the knife
removing a tumor/cyst and find out whether cancerous or benign. 
prayers or positive energy is welcome