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Sunday, March 13, 2016

sun shadow

in a cavern of my mind where roots of wisdom are born
gathers a surfeit of memories of when youth held
my hand tightly and my glass of juice was immortality
every moment was deplete of life’s trepidations  
and there was joy in the freedom of the wind that
filled my lungs as i would run like a deer in its meadow
and the angst of life had not yet laid its heavy arm upon
my shoulders

in this journey walking a step in step with me, t’was
a void in absence of a father's love, an anguishing was
awaiting to touch my soul as my life was assembling
and that emptiness of unrequited love lay dormant
in a chamber of my heart, later to evince like a shadow
cast by the lonely pearl of night but, for now, little was 
known of this, for it was never known

the most i ask and least of life, as Diogenes asked of Alexander:
not to stand in the way of the sun