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Friday, March 4, 2016

unrequited life

a tiny wild flower’s lavender petals
soon become dark purple then black
amidst the cold air coming from the north
before my eyes can take pleasure
of its radiance in color and amiss to its verve,
its stem goes limp and bends to rest its
lifeless bud of stamen, stigma and style
on the loam of its berth, earth

jumping, dancing, a white tail doe
runs away as i unintentionally enter
into her field of languishing privacy, though,
not before she turns her head with stern look
telling me of her disdain then off she goes
as i stand there only having wished to witness
her calm of being while she settles to nest
on the field of feed and resting bed of her abode

when young and innocence still filled my days
the distinction of my language, the color of my skin
was brought to light. that i was unlike others 
so friends became too few telling me
i didn’t belong and that is when i learned
to stand on my own. i was fast and i was strong
and mama assured me i did nothing wrong and
her words also helped when, not knowing why papa left
never to come back, leaving mama and us all alone

the cold of winter’s breath lays white frost
upon my feet where once a verdant landscape
now turning to a golden hue just before a linen of snow
covers it from head to toe. it shushes the colorful song
of autumn as the robin takes notice and rides the current
of warm to the eye of a southern sun and i stand here
wondering if i shall ever witness the imaginings of
Van Gogh’s ‘starry night over the Rhone’
or Wyeth’s  ‘Christina’s World’.

will love kiss my heart to match how i have kissed
and dissipate that gray mist which sometimes in my
day causes me to sigh, to cry, lamenting a pain
that needs not be and filling the emptiness with sun,
with moon and stars upon the day, the night
shine your light for me oh spirit of calm and peace
i shall open my arms to embrace the likes of thee ?