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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

the calm after a storm

witnessed the calm after a storm
the flashing lightning only,
no more loud crack of thunder.
the howling gray wind settles
to a soothing swirling breeze
and the leaves that once were
dancing wildly in gusts, along with
the branches they perched upon,
now lay as martyrs at my feet.
my hair unkempt, doth looks primordial

when never before had i witnessed
a storm such as this. filled with fear
and hearted breath, i thought the end was
near of all that i am from my nascence.
a witness to this storm, my heart beats twice,
three times faster than all the days before
of when my life, within, there was innocence 
walking with me in my youthful days of yore
and when hurt and scared would tap me on my
shoulder, a maternal arm would gently rest 
upon me to soothe my mournful soul

now witness to the wisdom of age teaches me 
how to ride storms both of Nature’s anger 
and the wrath of life within, having learned 
of how all is in balance in the end;
for without the storm, calm wouldn’t be
without breath there wouldn’t be you and me
and in the presence of fear, breathing deep,
with open eyes, an unclenched fist
and an open heart, comes a balance
bringing joy and warnth of love, near