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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

sunflower hope

opened my eyes a sunflower
was peering down upon me
i fell asleep in a field of them
i lay there undaunted by a world
where hate and suffering abounds
and i feel a roar rumbling in the ground

birds fly wildly in and out of burning clouds
i look up hoping someday soon the clouds
will turn back to the color white and stars
once again twinkle free of embers burning
and sounds of songbirds fill the air muting
that roar of hatred from those that don’t care

so i lay awake starring upward to the sky
reflecting upon when first mama gave me birth
and my world was born with love of sorts
and every breath i took came with wonderment
where i had not yet been made to cope
with life’s burdens and a slight of option
they call hope

when i rise from here i shall take someone’s hand
or maybe speak into their ear or just write words
that are gathered inherent in my heart and soul
left by my ancestors of feather headdress , that being;
'war is not the answer’ . for they tell me stories
of when we’ve been there before in a world
that had crumbled to the ground and we now
are given a second chance to plant seeds
rather than destroy, leaving for our progeny
a better world all around