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Saturday, March 28, 2015

dancing in Spring

the dark envelops me
alone i sit wondering about my
destiny of the here and now which gathered
much from the before and so i sit here
pondering on the floor

thoughts of loved ones departed
titillate the corners of my eyes
with tear drops of my longings
and those that now i love, soon
also be bygones onto their be-goings

my heart is pained by the selfishness
of so much by so many in distances
near and far away but yet so close 
in the housing of our souls

so i dwell upon this but for a moment
only to purge it from my being and
now i reflect upon the tender of
my lovers kiss and the warm embrace
when she wakes from her sleep

my worldly riches are not so much
as others have and yet envy is not in 
this heart of mine to have nor my desire
for my wealth is measured by my health
and the treasure i have found in love

so hurry please, oh Sun of Spring and
awaken the day with birds that sing
and soft warm breezes so that smiles
will evince among all the faces and
i shall rise to dance in your warming
embrace to be eclipsed only by my lovers  
planting on my cheek a morning kiss