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Thursday, April 9, 2015

silent reality

find the sound of silence
and clarity will be mine
hear the notes played in the wind
and i’ll see beyond the grey
that plays the light

when night falls after day
the moon takes the space of the sun
then imaginings arise in my mind
as dreams replace reveries and in my
memories my soul finds life’s concubine  

when the tree shadow is cast from
a golden spray of sun and a flower
stretches, stretches reaching with its
petal fingers trying to touch the sky
my eyes smile from these aesthetics
captured of the day

then i close them to accommodate the stars
of night and welcome the surreal of reflecting
upon what they had seen and now my head
doth lay as multi-colors painted into dreams
where shadows are cast by the flora swaying
in the wind become spirits dancing and
the flowers now live in the clouds

which is my reality, i do not wish to choose
i only know when i hear and see the rivers run
into an ocean blue and see the eagle fly tickling
the bottoms of the feet of the dangling clouds,
the waft of a Spring day rain and the laughter of love
permeates the air then this is where i wish to lie
in life’s shadow in my soul when i die