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Saturday, April 11, 2015

be here, now

take a moment of your day and step outside
your house as now the warming breath
of season has come to bear
step out bare foot so that the soft now verdant
grasses can tickle between your toes

take but a moment’s time to look up at the
light azure sky and breathe in the breath of the new day,
turn and look at the blossoming tree standing there
in front of you for it has much to say

turn your eyes to the other side to see
the robin perched on a limb of that large oak tree
whose years far exceed yours and listen to the robin
whose song is but the channeling of the great oak
imparting wisdom of its many years

be awed as the robin flies away to play in its abode
for it has trumpeted and edified the days spirit
and your ears have now awaken to hear
lessons of the great oak tree, your eyes seeing the sky,
to feel the grass between your toes, to consume
the day

this moment will have seemed too fleeting
but when the time has come and your eyes
can barely focus, your breathing no longer
becomes easy and your feet can no longer carry
you outside, this memorable moment shall be
significant as it eases the angst of a departing soul    

* for imaginary garden with real toads