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Thursday, July 3, 2014

a fallen leaf

sometimes I feel like a fallen leaf
who has lost its verdant colour
and lies brown and dry rolling
about as the winds swishes

strange feet fling me about
sometimes I’m stepped on and
at the mercy of someone’s soul (sole)
they scrape me off sometimes
on a shaggy thingy in their home

they care less that at one time i
was fresh and a vibrant green
that kissed the canvas of the
azure sky for their eyes to behold

i would glitter in the morning
wearing my attire bought at the
store of morning’s dew reflecting
a rainbow of colors from the firry
yellow and the sun’s crimson hue

if only they’d remember how once
a hand leaned against my arboreal
abode whilst he leaned over to kiss
his lover as my cousin lay gently
like a ornament in her hair

or when my niece and nephews would
glide atop the tiny ripples in the stream
as it glistened down the bend humming
splashing o’er stones telling of their
journey of what it’s seen, where it’s been

sometimes I feel like that leaf that is
waving goodbye to its nest and haven
as it flits and flutters down, down
to be soon forgotten and kicked about
brown and dry, dry and brown


*for Poets United at midweek. like grace, no UFO stories but I am considered ‘alien’ in some circles. also, Grace’s, every day amazing, lovely reflection: midpoint, assessing my life
…the past falls away like brown dry leaves falling into summer downpour…