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Saturday, July 12, 2014

a bird's song

oh you feathered singers that wake me
hearken the new day even before the yellow gold
affixes atop the trees and gentle warm shards
of light splay into my window tickling the fancy,
the verve of my soul

how you whisper in the mornings ear
with the grandest of cheer
the sound of your voices fluttering about
in the morning’s nascent air allows the love
within me to ascend

your melodious celebration inspires the spirit
of life to enter into my heart so that I may
charge into the light of day and embrace those who
are starved for joy, those whose mingling may
bring misfortunes their way

thank you for this moment of wondrous delight
that assuages the pains of aging, that but for
the slightest of time mitigates the lament of loss
and lessens my hearts anguish for the mother
who cries in the dark whose children have less
sing on, sing on my friends of the sky, you, who  
can soar above and bring the news of far away
inspire a curiosity in the spirit within me
to where you’ve been, what you have seen
and from you’re perspective of we, human beings