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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the sceptor holders

we are groveling to find the makeup
of our nature, to understand
our blindness, our insensitivities
we stand and shout words
of ignorance so that we can’t hear
truth in the winds of yesteryear
and those that now swirl about
in our midst

we dare not claim ourselves
as the sculptors of this dying earth
although we are the scepter holders
nor are we to blame for the skies
having darken before the day turns
to night and the rivers no longer the
springs that once sate life’s thirst,
the oceans where terrestrials gestated
are now but a death knell to the life
born to breathe its waters and soar
within its waves as birds do through
the clouds in the sky

we don’t wish to look into the reflection
before us as it depicts the uncaring demon
we so fear in our religiosity and not of
the god-like image we were to be
thus we choose to create a nihilistic destiny
of blind uncaring destruction, of that
reflection we so not want to be and so
as indeterminist beings we are free to choose
a spirit of life to perpetuity where love
is its wrappings or do we continue in the
demons path of uncaring destruction

you of bone, flesh and blood, of sea water
of earth, of air, of fire, I cry for you but more so I cry
for our children and theirs who may never see a tree
sway in the wind, an elephant blow its trumpet,
a lion roar, a dolphin chirp, the whale blow its hole,
the eagle soar onto its aerie or hear the wolf howl
its lamenting cries for the human souls that so
wantonly were forced to fly like birds in the sky

*dedicated to the HK17 298 souls