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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

lover's nocturnal breath

as the dawn now rests and the eyes of the morning
open, an aviary choir rejoices in the freshness
and too, your tangerine colored cheeks lying next
to me, eyes that smile matches those of the new day   

you walk into the air where i have breathed
where my whispers were meant for the wind
to carry them onto the ripples of the seas
where keels and hulls have sailed long before

your smile convinces me that your soul understands
of how time through ages does not erase the words
by two lovers sharing whispers of how their hearts
will forever ride as white caps o're the waves

and the moon with nocturnal fingers raises the tide
to quench the thirst of night time sponges in the sky
only to dispense onto the arid land the tears
of love and lovers who long before and forever will
ride the breathe of lunar winds