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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My friend, time

gathered in the palm of my hands
with a warm embrace
my friend,  time.

she looked at me
and I asked her if she’d
sit with me awhile

she smiled
we found this bench
overlooking the ocean blue

next to me she sat
we could have talked
about what was, what is
or what is to be

but we were entranced
by the suns cape and
roar of the sea

 the waves would rise
to touch the sky as the
ocean breeze played
underneath the Ospreys wings

 the sun then winked
as it lay its head
on the azure bed

soon then, the lunar
beams kissing the sea
and stars competing for space

looked down at time
asked if she was ready to go
she smiled
…let’s sit here
a little while longer