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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Oh pray-tell, what brings of this day,
a new nascence to my soul?
the new songs my friendly feathered
friends do sing about my window pane;
the wind  whistling  a Spring-like trend
a warm smile of the mother sun
in her yellow-gold apron delight,
earlier, doth arrive

pray-tell, of this also brings the wares,
the adornments of rainbow colors
sprinkled about the sleeping arboreal
and perennial cousins nesting at their feet;
 it brings the snorts and squeal of the cow moose,
the yawnings in the lions den,
the running of the salmon in the streams
pray-tell, will tiny heads pop up to peek
from their leaf covered terrestrial openings
where hibernation had taken place
and now it’s time to find blueberries
and acorns and grasses for roughage
then scurry to wrestle in the neighbors nest

pray-tell, this be the season of new borne
where the sounds of life abounds;
mountainous ravines have formed
where snow capped tops have morphed
into wild running rivers and the bear
has awaken to play to bathe and find
its meal

 pray-tell, all will cherish this new day
who walk along as lovers holding hands
barefoot in the grass and sand
music fills the air wher’st no room for anguish
and anger, graciousness showing to each other
the sounds of laughter, the sounds of care

pray-tell, pray-tell, pray-tell, tell me if you dare