Wednesday, March 13, 2013

do you read me

tender is the thought
that my words, you’ve read
have touched your heart
that the spirit of my song
has held a wind on your wings
and you dance with me
that you judge me not
for the words I do not use
or those I do, are no less of skill
at writing songs than yours
I notice you dance
with many who sing to you
 synchronize your words,
not missing a step while
sharing  each other’s verse
I see the beauty of an azalea
as I do in a daisy
a rose is no more beautiful
than a tulip
a cardinal to a robin
a maple to an oak
embracing each other creates
a lovely painting
all smile at each other
with loving grace
for all
are beautiful
on this canvas
they all have a 'say'


  1. This poem encapsulates what the blogosphere means to me - the sharing, the appreciation and encouragement, the mere fact that others read our words, and are moved to comment. Such a gift! I think this might be my fave of your poems , nene. Yes, "all are beautiful on this canvas". So lovely.

  2. Gracias, you two lovely ladies or as they say in spanish; 'ju 2 luvly senioritas' (lol)

  3. They are indeed ~ All have their own beauty and voice ~ Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts ~

  4. Yes, I read you ... and am glad I do... very moving and beautiful poem Marco

  5. Love this! All things have their own beauty. When we can find it, it enriches us.