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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Never Old

So many seasons have come and gone
Tiny saplings have grown to touch the sky
The little chicks now soar
The children who I’d see playing on my street
Now have children of their own

I saw a friend of mine the other day
hair was long his skin now aged with spots
His once tall muscularity has gone away
and speaks of the forlorn life he’s got

They say that music has no age
so I’m always listening to one song
always hesitant to turn the page
the singer, though, is now gone

My peers all seem to hoard the years
hair gathers white now without the winter snow
Their stories are sad and filled with tears
seems that life has made them pay a toll

My brothers, sister all have grown
cast into the role of marriage and parent
We’ve traversed a bicultural throng
some wisdom found, our love’s inherent

I look again upon that tree whose leaves
now tickle and tease the clouds
and of my peers I look into their eyes
yet do not see the same aging of time in me.