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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life's Pallet

Birth avails upon us but a short moment
upon our time allotted to harvest the fruits
of Life with means provided.
These being, our make up
consisting of nominal capacity,
inherited or genetically predisposed,
and inserted into this world to apply.

Those of us fortunate enough to realize
this which has been provided
will ascend to heights of creative utility,
sharing with this world
the unique individual wealth of talent,
integral in the tapestry of Life

In this pallet of existence
the many colors of Life
can be appreciated in total sensorium
then unselfishly and selflessly
can breath life into this awareness of beauty
onto and through our progeny

If it be our choice:
Allow chaos’s destructive characteristic
to be the nature of things
without the caring, impunity of insensitivity
Or, choose the alternative characteristic
which can be born of destruction, that being;
a rebirth of our creation of the Arts, harmony,
Love, possibly, Peace