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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Visit

She quietly comports herself
doesn’t know that I feel her soul
I peer into her eyes
a sadden pain has welled
knowing that soon she’ll
travel many miles
to visit Mom and Dad
Maybe the last embraces
before they’re God calls upon them
to share what they've done here, now, for ninety years
Mom bowed mellifluous sounds on her violin
and taught young students for many years
He, a minister, who’s gentle hands and words
lay upon so many allaying their burdens
My wife’s gentle heart, a gift from mom,
attends to these moments of life left
with soft nurturing verve
in lieu of the pangs that feed pain and loss
As I hug her tight, my friend, my lover, my wife,
I softly whisper in her ear…
‘I Love everything about you
especially the wisdom and gentleness
that comes from your Mom and Dad’
I think she knows that I am there for her
to share life and to give it up
when we must.