Tuesday, August 22, 2017

wherefore are thee, love

Love is a vagabond
it is transient and a drifter
may be present one moment
then journeys elsewhere
but always present somewhere

the bounds of its presence
can be intense and blinding
but by its absence, so too,
can it be scathingly brutal

in Life, Love must be present
if not, Life will not thrive for in 
the absence of Love, its warmth
and nurturing, it's giving and sharing,   
it is the nutriment of Life

sometimes Love is seen from afar,
can be heard, its scent smelled but may
not be felt because of its distant vicinity,
too far from the reaches of the heart
and not accessible to its embrace

Love need not have words, unlike
hate which must be learned, Love’s
essence is of universal vibrations
that is manifest in the sunflower that
raises its petals to feel the morning Sun,
the river flowing into the arms of the sea,
the rain when it bathes the Earth, the Tree
then wanting to grow like the Mountain
that kisses the sky and the Wolf when it
howls at the Moon, the Eagle’s screech
whilst soaring in the face of the Sun

all this is of Love without words

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