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Saturday, August 5, 2017

when love finds you

when love finds you, the
heart flutters, breath quickens,
eyes glisten under stars
tiny beads of sweat fill the
palms of hands
an unexpected smile evinces

walks on river banks
become memories of
purple blossoms and the waft
of lavender filing the air as
tiny ripples underneath the
river’s water sparkles like
diamonds falling from
the Sun’s rays
the verve of youth
resides within again
and the angst of aging dissipates
into the cool night’s breath
as the lightning bugs
dance in the air

the song and the poem that
the spirit of the Universe recites
… be still my heart
let mine eyes capture the
moon beams kissing the sea by night
and let me feel the warm fingers
of the Sun as it lays them upon
Nature’s breast, by day

so when mine eyes shall close
to rest onto that eternal nocturne
sleep, let me dream these life made
memories that sated my soul,
with my partner’s hand in tow
you know, the one who filled
my heart with Love