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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

i observe the night

supine against the foot of a tree, i peer
upward to the black canvas sky of night
watching the stars hazy light moving in
and out, breathing the night’s cool air

cicadas have decided to chide the quiet
and stillness of darkened sleep reminding
there are some who are nocturnal and
stay up to watch the Moon’s display

i hearken in a stream of thoughts and
memories of the day that’s passed with
wide eyed reverie, not of dreams, while
my heart palpitates slow, fast, slow again

i wander into a euphoria where the cool
air titillates my skin and the waft of night
fills my lungs and mine eyes behold the
darkness and my heart dances with my soul

i feel in touch with the spirit of Earth
as the feet of the tree supports the chakras
in my spine while parsing its stillness and
quiet in its wisdom, sharing it with me