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Saturday, July 8, 2017

wisdom gentle and free

to see,
hope to
touch and
 smell, hear,
to taste and to
learn about life, to
.…. become its verve

..someone once said to me
you seemingly are a wise man
quickly, i stepped back and said
..i am but a student in his infancy

wisdom, it cannot be explained, but,
..if one observes the tree stand sturdy
then sway in the wind and the eagle fly
overhead watching us and the mountain
stand grand, quiet and still, there, one will
then observe, witness where wisdom resides

so then if i cease to wish, to be, and escape my
‘self’ to become the tree, standing sturdy and free
to let my ‘self’ fly above to observe the mountain top
 just maybe, what is called ‘Wisdom’, will then find me

                     what is gently without gentle
                        or softly without soft and
                          heartfelt without heart
                           or lovely without love
                                the day does not
                                  begin without
                                     the night