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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

awaken with wonder

open my eyes from my ‘querencia’ of sleep
feeling crisp cool shards of night air seeping
through a slightly cracked window that separates
me and the restful cove of my abode from the twilight
and the dangling of night stars and their goings on

so now the rapid movements of my eyes underneath
their blankets closed begin to adjust, to cease from the
dreams that sought shelter from the skirmishes of Life’s
awaken and chaotic restless of the day as i hear the
canorous voices of my feathered friends perched on
trees and bushes just outside my window pane

i peer outside and notice yellow daisies stretching
their yellow petals up, up to touch the fingers of the
morning Sun and so too, the white daisies doing the
same, for it seems there will be enough warmth
and sprinkle of golden rays for all

and the poppies flaunt their purple and maroon
bulbous derbies they wear atop their long sinuous
stems while they also show the daisies that they too
can play amidst the gold and orange canvas being
painted by the Sun’s hand

a hummingbird shutters in to drink the nectar beads
sparkling like rainbow prisms from dew left by the
edges of the night’s eyes on petals of tiny white and
crimson bells tolling their scent and sweetness alongside
the lilies and tulips also dancing with a blowing changing
breeze from an awakened Nature’s breath and sleep

the day begins of this, sharing a new beginning to the human
spirit, allowing it to witness the aesthetic of life’s assay and
to be embraced so to assist in its wanderings through the day
with a smile of wonderment as the soul captures the joy of
what may mitigate the toils of the mundane travails, today