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Saturday, August 26, 2017

oh Luna, in my heart at night

oh Luna in my heart at night
i hear your face is sometimes small
and round sometimes large and cloudy
and sometimeswith a smile and bright

sometimes you change your colors
with the makeup on your face
you go sometimes without it
and then you dress up in
orange-yellow in the dusk of night

there have been songs i’ve heard
written for you and about you, some
melancholy though many are of love,
when two walk hand in hand on grassy
knolls and watch you smile at them

i’ve read, in brail, poems written of you
by Shakespeare, Keats and Shelley, of how 
you make ebb and rise the ocean’s tides,
how you touch the mountain tops by day
and light the sky, at night your beams kiss
the sea and silhouette flights of osprey

i wish that maybe just once i could see the
beauty you bestow upon those eyes that can
see, your breathtaking reflection you mirror
upon the beds of Sea

in my next journey, i need no longer imagine
but actually see you kissing the Universe’s sea
and in that light what mundane heart is left in me,
love poems and songs written, will set me free