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Thursday, June 1, 2017

mi amor

if my legs could not walk  
the wildflowers waving in the wind
rivers and streams, the forest
mountains and seas would only from
a distance exist for me

if mine eyes could not see
the azure sky with cotton clouds,
reds, purples, yellow of foliage, 
yellow gold of mornings, crimson dusk
dark of night with twinkling stars

if mine ears could not hear
the rustling of trees squirrels wrestling in them
or the wind whistling at the short dress of spring
cardinals and sparrows, robins and starlings
the screech of hawks and eagles, howl of the wolf

if i could not smell the lovely waft
of the persimmon and rose, the sassafras
and mint, pine of conifers and the lilac
that kindly soothes in through our open
window pain as we sit in each other’s embrace

if all of this i did not have
my heart would still beat with desire
for my lips to taste the warmth of yours
and a smile would still evince upon my face
for this, the love i have runs deep within
my soul with yours till the end    

*although thirty years together, my lovely wife and i celebrate today our tenth wedding anniversary.
  i wrote this for her this morning.