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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

heavenly dreams

the indigo face of the sky
with its powdered cheeks of white
gives way to the gold and yellow
of the Sun’s warm smile

and the wind's breath is barely felt
for the tree will have none of it, standing 
still listening to the Cardinal and whilst 
at its rooted feet, a child sits with mommy

softly the child asks …”mommy what kind of
flower is that…”mama says “,that’s a lily”
and the child asks “Mama, and that one”
…”that’s an iris”…” how about that one, Mommy”
…”Oh, that is a purple tulip” and the child asks
“ Oh, mommy look at that one it’s beautiful, what
Is the name of that one”, mommy restlessly says
“ that’s a poppy that will help us dream” and child
says…” they look so much alike, do they know
their names”? …mama with a smile says…”I don’t
think they do my little one, we name them
so that we know which one is which but they know
we appreciate their beauty”, and the
child then asks …”does this tree know that we’re
lying here”…mama, ”oh yes”…” where did daddy go”
child looks up at mommy… and with a solemn
breath and a discreet tear, mama whispers in her
ear…” daddy had to go to Heaven and talk to
God and ask Her if we can come and visit”…
“do they have lilies and tulips and iris there, mommy”
“Oh yes my child”, mama somberly attests…” they have
beautiful ones there, my child .” when will daddy tell
us what God said, mommy”…“daddy will tell us if we
close our eyes and lay down here quietly and let him
speak through our dreams”

a soft wind begins to blow on the denuded stems of the
lily, the tulip, the iris and the poppies as they sway to
and fro and the tree looks down to witness their sleep
and the indigo sky reflects on their skin as the warmth
of the Sun’s kiss begins to cool on them as the pedals
of the flowers grow inside their bellies

the noir of the night with the twinkle in the eyes of stars
and the wink of the moon say goodnight to the resting Sun
and to mommy and child who lay at the rooted feet
of the tree watching over them as they dream their
heavenly dreams