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Friday, May 5, 2017

silence cloaked in Love

my heart breaks in pieces
when she pushes me away
not physically but in silence
if I ask…how are you doing?
‘…I’m fine, leave me alone’

i know love has many faces
yet still, they reflect a common one
and when Love reaches out
and not reciprocated in the same
confusion entangles it, disheartened

she walks around in anguish
not knowing of her body’s infirmity
what it’s saying, what it’s doing
but her mind avails itself to withdraw
and silence cloaks her

in me, pain is real inside the heart
it projects of being disheartened
by her silence in an otherwise
noise filled day and so a query ensues
…why Love? you should not have 'disdain'

when i walk away fi'm filled with a vacuous feeling
feeling and a helplessness bathes me, a frustration
sets in from obfuscation where i thought
our Love is one of being; a giving and sharing
throughout our intertwined sojourn

my heart tries to understand her selfless
intent of distancing me, her partner, from the
darkness the anguish and pain inside her 
but the very nature of these is what feeds 
and nourishes the belly of Love

…let me bleed upon you, papyrus and pen,
let my tears soak your dress in solemnity
for this purges my anguish my pain in
a cathartic way as i walk beside her
in her silence, still is cloaked in Love