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Sunday, June 4, 2017

night's onyx eyes

and so i stare into the black onyx eyes
on the face of night as i peer outside my
window. the night stares back at me,
dark and cold through my window pane,
i cannot sleep and so i do vigilance upon
the darkness of its face wondering if it
is as lonely as it seems in the cold sunless
sky out there?

a tiny light looks down upon me from
high above and i wonder if it can see
me from that distance the way i see it.
i stand here on this large earthen rock
floating amidst a black space we call a
universe and I, being but a tiny microbe, 
for does this twinkle of an eye see me
and recognize my vibration, my soul?

and when i, dressed in this incarnate temporal 
attire, no longer am i he who stares out onto this
sea of darkness for my soul has journeyed on
joining the universal spirit where all of life goes, that
which came before me and all that will come after,
and now i reside as this dark face that stares back
in through the window into the face looking out. 

will i recognize the face staring out into my onyx eyes?