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Monday, April 18, 2016

you in my eyes

come closer
look into my eyes you'll see
the jonquils of Spring
a grand old oak tree and
a robin and cardinal flying free

deep inside me you will see
your soul, the beauty of your face
the salient nature of your skin
on your cheeks and gentle kisses
of your lips

take a little more time, look deeper
and you’ll see the tears
when you had pain, when you
felt a loneliness in the gray
of a stormy rain

keep looking inside me you'll notice
love for those scared, those hurting
with the pain of loss for love ones
and a flood of tears, the angst
of aging too soon, the waning of years

my wish is that you will see
when you peer into my eyes,
my love for you never growing old
together your soul and mine residing
with eternity in the oracle of time

* dedicated to my lovely wife on this day of our ninth wedding anniversary
    and our thirtieth year in each other's embrace