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Sunday, May 1, 2016

the 'now'

pondering from whence i came
yes, mother’s uterine canal
but what about the seed
the egg from life’s very beginnings ?

did I begin from a thought
conceived of a feeling, a notion,
from a star in all its
chaos and commotion ?

did my spirit, my soul travel
through a multitude of universes,
of eleven dimensions, traversing
on the string theories of aberrations ?

when my body crumbles to the ground
and the breezes swirl me all around
ride the eddy of the wind onto the sky 
then up, up hitching a ride into space

there the dark energy shall carry me
to a place where once my incarnate
being was but star dust to be assembled
into me but with the universe at my feet

then i open my eyelids from this reverie
back to embrace this reality, seeing flowers,
the grass, the trees, the sky and breathe in
this day’s warming breeze, i cease pondering
for love surrounds me and so i cherish the ‘now’