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Sunday, April 10, 2016

is it me you want

i see you from afar
coming toward me
a light emits from you
a warm breeze blows gently
like a pastoral carpet
is laid down before you

nearer, nearer you come
my heart begins to applaud
with soft hands sweat beads in
their palms and my nose flares
capturing the essence of you

inside me a quiet voice
asks…am i ready for you…
will our souls dance in sync,
will we bathe in love
till days on end

i am touched by this,
in your embrace, left resting  
underneath stars and moon
with tears that glisten in the dark
until the sun awakens me
and i lie alone in the heat

…i shall not walk or run
toward you !
will stand here quietly
to see if it is me
you’re coming for